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Tension Headaches and Grinding
I wake up with tension headaches in the middle of the night, but now something new is happening. My teeth are starting to feel sore. I know I am grinding my teeth in my sleep due to stress. Has anyone else had this combo before?
<strong>I have grinded my teeth in my sleep so bad over the past years that I now have to use a shield over my lower teeth while I sleep, to stop them getting worse. This has been caused from stress too, as well as the Tension headaches I wake up with in the early Mornings when I have a lot of stress. As our brain is still active while we sleep, the Problems are still there, which cause the Tension, which we are unable to control. </strong>
My husband grinds his teeth when he's sleeping and he's had tension headaches shortly after waking up as well. Aside from that, he usually wakes up with a tired jaw. I recommend that you consult with a doctor or a dentist. My husband had to wear occlusal splints because his grinding was very terrible. It had helped him sleep more peacefully and wake up without any pain in his jaws or head.

The occlusal splints help to reduce the teeth grinding. It positions the teeth and the jaws at a more comfortable one so that no muscle spasm occurs. It is made of plastic and he just wears it at nigh, though not all the time.

I hope this helps!

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