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Would you accept eyes from dead donors?
My grandmother got new eyes from a donor. She feels very blessed that she can see. She didn't get the whole eye, just one part she needed so she could see. It must be weird to have an organ from a donor. How would you feel if you had eyes from a dead person?
I'm sure it would feel somewhat weird. However, I think having your vision back would far outweigh the unpleasantness. Therefore, I would certainly take a donor's eye if I was ever in that situation. When I pass away, I'm donating everything as well.
Yes, most definitely. I would be more than happy to accept eyes from dead donors. If it will not risk your health or anything, I don't think there's any reason to refuse. Getting a donor itself is already a blessing, and we should not take it for granted.
It's basically need indeed is the best help you ever get whether it's from dead person or donor. Scientifically it is saving one life rather buried the others. The patients who are using the donated eye will enjoy it more and relatives should not give any apologies in front of the patient.

It's sort of a strange thing. I'm not sure how I could do it myself. People get transplants of other organs all the time, so I guess it's not all to much different.
[[p]]​If I was blind I most certainly would get an eye donor transplant. It's really no different than receiving any other body part if yours was failing and keeping you in poor health. The quality of life is greatly helped by transplants. However, I'm not sure if there is a need to take immunosuppressant drugs with an eye transplant.[[p]]
[[p]]The average cost of the surgery runs from $7,500 to $11,000. That is per eye. So, if you had problems in both eyes the cost can be quite high, but this surgery is covered by most health insurance plans.[[p]]
[[p]]More information can be found on the procedure here: What Parts of the Eye Can Be Transplanted?[[p]]
They have not been able to do full eye transplants. The part your grandmother received, the only part that can be transplanted, would be the corneas. I wouldn't be opposed to the procedure myself if I needed it to see better.
Yes, if I particularly needed it! I think it would be weird but for the most part, I would be thankful to that person. After all, having your own vision to see the world and the people you love, that's priceless. And not all people allow for their parts to be donated when they die. So I consider it a great blessing to even be considered to have another person's eyes or even organs with their permission.

For instance, my husband's niece has cloudy eyes and even up to now, she cannot get eye surgery. She is about to turn a year old as well and I heard that it's harder to get a donor when she gets older. Sadly, they don't have the money yet to have the operation done. But there was already a supposed donor for her from the eye bank.
I hope I will never have to. However, if that's gonna bring the vision back... sure, why not. The point is bringing the visual ability back.
If I were in such a position, I don't mind accepting eyes from dead donors as long as my vision gets corrected. You cannot expect a person to donate his/her eyes when he/she is alive.

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