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What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress
I am sure I am just being parinoid here, but I am curious to know what the symptoms of post traumatic stress are. I used to be under the impression that this was a disease for soldiers coming back from war. Now I know it can happen to anyone. I went through a very traumatic 5 years, and I am OK now. Still, I worry that I am suffering from this. Things in my life still aren't "normal" and I don't even know what normal is anymore.
[[face=tahoma, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]][[span style="font-size: 11.8181819915771px;"]]​Without giving it much thought I at one time associated the condition with men of war and and a few others. I found when I came here and started to delve a little further that it reaches well beyond war veterans. With that the in mind the symptoms presented can be wide and varied. I am providing a link for your perusal.

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Here are the main symptoms of PTSD:

1. Constantly re-experiencing the event.
2. Heightened anxiety brought about by past event.
3. Avoiding the triggers of the experience.

I hope this helps.:)

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