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Can IBS be controlled without medicine?
I was diagnosed with IBS about 20 years ago. As years have gone by, I have learned what I can eat and what I shouldn't eat. I have also learned that stress is a major contributor in triggering my IBS. Because I am not someone who likes to take medicines, I have tried to control it without medicines.

I have learned I cannot eat processed foods if I am stressed at all. Bagged lettuce and salads at a salad bar are a big no-no. There are preservatives on the lettuce to keep it fresh longer that will cause your dinner to make a come back shortly after digestion. Many preservatives that help to preserve food will effect your IBS in a terrible way. Therefore, I have learned to grow my own fruits and vegatables and limit my intake of processed foods.

It has taken many years to learn how to manage my IBS in order to live a somewhat normal life. It is up to you if controlling your IBS is worth losing the convenience of processed foods.
I think it can. I don't take any medications. I just don't eat my "trigger" foods and foods that I know will leave me tied to the bathroom. Initially, you will probably need medication, but over time you will learn what you can and can not eat. Also, my body changes and sometimes new things get scratched off of that list as well.
Some people think that they can combat IBS by eating raw foods. The paleo diet can be a effective in combating a lot of the symptoms.A lot of the gas, and mucus in stool associated with IBS can be cut down by dietary changes.
I believe a lot of conditions can be controlled without medication. Sadly I can't speak from experience but it is something I truly believe. I have heard of the paleo diet that lovelife referred to as something sufferers of IBS should consider.

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