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Heart palpitations and IBS
I am only posting here because there have been several people on my heart palpitations blog that have referenced IBS. I started the heart palpitations blog about four years ago after I had spent 6 years researching the risk factors for heart palpitations.

Long story short - I found the positive connection to diet and environment. I developed a regimen that I shared with people on the blog. After a year or so I noticed that a lot of the people writing to my were not only expressing that their palpitations were gone or reduced, but also that their conditions of either ulcerative colitis or IBS were almost completely gone as well.

If I had the money, I'd do a clinic trial on my theory, but suffice to say, it might be worth having a look at the situation. I'd love to get enough data from anyone else who just has IBS and NOT palps to see if there is a connection.

You can see my regimen []here[], and my blog []here[].

Never knew that an abnormal heartbeat was related to IBS. I have experienced this in the past, but I thought it was related to drinking alcohol and never thought of it as an IBS type of deal. I will let me doctor know the next time I go in. Thanks for this post.
A lot of it can be due to stress. The symptoms of IBS bring a lot of stress on people that it afflicts. Palpitations can also be stress related. There can be many things that can be causing your palpitations.

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