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Has anyone had Bronchitis that lead to asthma?
I was recently diagnosed with bronchitis and asthma on the 4th of July. I found myself in the ER, and they told me this happens often during this time of year, because of the smoke from the fireworks. I was given an inhaler and the bronchitis cleared up quicker than I ever had it clear up before. I have spent months having chronic bronchitis in the past. In fact I usually have it maybe three months out of the year. Has anyone found else found out that they had asthma after suffering for years with bronchial infections.
I had this happen to me in high school. I had bronchitis and then they said that I had asthma right after that. I was so confused because I never had breathing problems before the bronchitis. In college I was given inhalers, but I got off them when I graduated.
I had something similar happen, but it had nothing to do with the 4th of the July.

As a teen, I got really, really sick. We didn't usually go to the doctor, so we waited way too long for me to go to the doctor. By the time I got there, my bronchitis was so bad that I had to use a nebulizer for a few weeks, along with a daily inhaler and a rapid action emergency inhaler. When I recovered a couple months later, the doctor told me that I had asthma as well and would need to continue to use the inhalers.
Could it be that you had asthma when you were younger but it's mild enough that you didn't notice it? Because I do know that asthma can lead to bronchitis, I just don't know if it can go the other way around. When you have asthma, it constricts your airways which can then lead to bronchitis, which means inflamed airways. When the airways are constricted, more bacteria can get trapped leading to the mucus which is found in bronchitis.

What symptoms have you experienced? Generally, it's hard to distinguish between respiratory disorders but if it's Asthmatic Bronchitis, these are the symptoms:

1. Wheezing
2. Low Grade Fever
3. Tightening of the Chest
4. Difficulty in Breathing

Anyway, I hope you feel better. Just remember to use masks whenever there is too much air pollution. In your home, have an air filter or furnace as well. Take care!

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