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Controlling diabetes with diet?
I have heard of people who have been able to control their diabetes with diet instead of having to take medication and I think that is really great if people can do that. It shows the power of eating healthy foods and how that can effect your body. Has anyone else been able to control diabetes without medication?
If you can control your diet to where you don't have to take insulin (or as much insulin), I think that's great! Unfortunately for me I need background insulin to control my blood sugars throughout the day, and I love carbs too much to give them up just yet. I do believe that if you maintain an Atkins type diet (more proteins and fats, fewer carbs), that you could have success in being healthy and managing your diabetes. Great question and food (pun intended) for thought.
Yes, it is possible to control your diabetes with diet and use less insulin, but Type II diabetics have better success with this than Type I diabetics. And yes, an Atkins type diet is the way to do it. Type I diabetes is very different from Type II diabetes in the causes of it, this is why there are different success rates with using diet to control diabetes. But, it has proven helpful for both types, and anything that reduces the amount of medication you have to take is worth a shot.
Coffee and cinnamon have made headlines as foods that might be able to help cut the risk of diabetes or help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. However, don't get the idea that such foods are magic pills for your diabetic diet.
A few years ago I was diagnosed as being in the per-diabetic state. It was a time when I was home on workman's compensation for a year. I was not that active because I was not that mobile. My primary doctor, internist, assured me that I would lose that high sugar level by adjusting my diet. I ate less meats and carbohydrates. Additionally once I became active again, all of those problems ceased.
He was correct. Not only was my sugar level high but so was my cholesterol. Additionally, I lost weight when I became more active.

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