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Ear wax and hearing loss
I'm curious if anyone else has had issues with some hearing loss due to excess amounts of wax? I use to have issues with this as a kid where I would have very waxy ears and had to go to the doctor to have my ears flushed out. I don't have this problem as an adult though. I don't remember having any major hearing problems at the time, but was just curious if other people have had the issue of hearing loss due to wax?
My nephew had a build-up of ear wax in one year for several years when he was around 5 years old. He had a hard time hearing. His doctor could not figure out why he had so much wax. Then the family changed doctors. The new doctor said excessive ear wax was not normal. He flushed his ear with warm water, and an unpopped popcorn kernel came out of his ear!
My doctor tried to eliminate all possibilities before sending me to a hearing specialists. I was first told to use peroxide in my ear. Then there was an over the counter solution that had some peroxide in it.
Later, I was sent to a hearing technician.
One ear was full of wax. Yet the left ear has some hearing loss. I was told it was due to aging.
From what I've read, ear wax is an essential substance created by our ears to protect itself from dusts and foreign particles. However, sometimes people can have excess ear wax build up which can cause some hearing loss. Other times, improper cleaning of the ears can lead to the ear wax going further into the ear canal and causing blockage. These are the two main reasons why ear wax can actually lead to temporary hearing loss.

But the good news is that it's quite easy to remedy this. Your ENT can help you get rid of the excess ear wax in a safe manner. Do not attempt to remove the ear wax by yourself because this can lead to further damage. You might be given a solution at first to kind of melt the wax so it will be easy to remove.

Then your doctor will use a device to get rid of the ear wax. It is painless and quick, there's no recovery down time as well. So you better check with your doctor if ear wax is causing problems for you.
Ear wax build up will lead to infection and it may cause several ear problems. My father had faced the very same issue. He had experienced severe ear pain, dizziness, and persistent hearing loss. At the beginning, he thought it was an age-related problem and ignored it. But later the pain increased and he had sought the help of an []audiologist in a well known hearing clinic[] in Bowmanville. He diagnosed the excess ear wax build up and had removed the ear wax by irrigation method. As Briannagodess said, self-cleaning using cotton or syringe bulb will create more damage to your ear. It is better to get help from an expert in order to avoid unnecessary complications.
Well, I don't think they are somewhat co-related. However, ear wax should be much excessive. Otherwise, it's not healthy. You'd better this figure out.

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