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Virus that causes ringworm?
I vaguely remember hearing what the cause of ringworm was but can't remember what it was. Are there ways to prevent getting it like not coming in contact with something in particular or good hygiene or does it not matter?
Ringworm isn't actually a worm and it's not cause by a virus. It's a fungal infection that's very contagious. It's related to athletes foot and jock itch which is probably just athlete's foot that's spread to the groin. Men tend to have it more often probably because it is spread easily in locker rooms either by skin to skin contact or using someone else's towels, hockey pads etc. It's only called ringworm because it looks like a red scaly round ringlike lesion which gets bigger as the fungus grows. It sounds nasty and it is but easily cured usually with creams. Important to continue to use the cream until the rash is completely gone. Often makes it rounds with younger kids in schools.
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Very informative post on the virus which causes ringworm, will be of great help for those who are dealing with ringworms.

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