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Learning the effects of Lupus
I have a sister who has this condition, and I have seen how it has effected her kidneys where she needs to be on dialysis, as well as hair loss. She also has developed diabetes as a result of the medication she is on. It's just sad to see her body deteriorating like this, but fortunately she has a positive attitude which I think has continued to keep her around.

What are the other symptoms that come along with Lupus?
A friend of mine with lupus has seizures that are beginning to worsen. She has to take 16 different medicines a day and has to suffer the side effects of those, while suffering from lupus. My friend has to take steroids, and if not, she may not be able to maintain. So her face gets a little puffy from the roids. This seems like one of the worst conditions, because your body literally attacks itself.
Someone near and dear to me was a lupus sufferer for many years until her untimely death. We had a special relationship. One of the things that made it special was the fact that she felt like I understood her condition.

My knowledge was limited in connection with the disease, but I had come to appreciate that with the disease came many psychological issues. When others would suggest she was sharp or abrupt, I knew it was all or mostly related to her illness.

The steroids, along with several other medications would often impact on her attitude towards people. I think it is important families and friends learn as much as possible so that they can better support persons living with lupus.
Lupus is partially about pain management as well. My coworker would be popping all sorts of pain medication just to make it through the day.

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