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IVF success in older women
I will be fifty next year. What hope do I have in getting pregnant? I have heard cases where women have babies at sixty-five. Is IVF going to solve the problem?
You still have high hopes of getting pregnant. I think there are lots of cases where women over 50 have tried IVF and it worked for them. Aside from those 60 year old women, I read about a 70 year old woman able to give birth because of IVF with oocytes donation. So yes, I think IVF will be perfect for you. Good luck!
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New research into pregnancy in olderwomen has cast doubt over the blanket belief that the higher the age of themother-to-be, the higher the likelihood of risk.A study at Columbia UniversityMedical Center of 101 post-menopausal women, all receiving IVF treatment usingdonated eggs, found that their subsequent pregnancies were at no more risk thanthose of younger women who conceived the same way.
So you can think about IVF treatment for getting pregnant.[[span style="font-size:12.0pt;font-family:'Times New Roman','serif';mso-fareast-font-family:'Times New Roman';color:black"]]
[[span style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11.5pt; line-height: 16.4067px;"]]It’s nоt tоо lаtе tо hаvе а bаby – fеrtility оvеr 40 is pоssiblе. Thе Bridgе Сеntrе prоvidеs fеrtility trеаtmеnt thrоugh IVF, IVF with gеnеtiс tеsting оr IVF with dоnоr еggs.

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