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Any Experience of Taking Olive LEAF Capsules with IBS?
Does anyone have experience of taking "Olive LEAF Capsules". They were first mentioned to me as a natural remedy for reducing high blood pressure, which I suffer from.

A friend had started using them for the same reason and his blood pressure dropped to a point where he could reduce his prescribed medication.

I did some research online and most seem to use them for stomach problems, similar to IBS, any non specific stomach ailments. A side effect was they also seemed to promote a "feel good factor".
Reports stated that many claimed a drop in blood presure but stated that insufficient research had been done to back this up.

They seem difficult to find over here and my daughter couldn't find them in the UK, she tried Boots, Holland [[amp]] Barret might have been a better option.

Would be interested in any feedback on the use of these and the results for any of the above.

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