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How painful are spinal cortisone shots?
Hi, I am hoping to find someone who has had a cortisone shot in the lower spine. I have OA in my lower back that has been making life miserable and not allowing me to move around much at all. So far my doctor has had me doing physiotherapy and that has worked okay but not great. When she asked how much the therapy sessions were helping and I told her only a little, she said that the next step was cortisone shots in back. I know that it would help as I have had it in my knee before but the thought of an injection in the spine seems very painful and I would think that the pain would linger. I am just not sure whether the treatment is more painful than the disease.
Pain is just so subjective that the intensity of pain experienced by somebody else is not likely to be the same as for yourself. You would likely have to try it once to judge for yourself which is worse. It is also important to keep in mind that once you have the cortisone shot, the pain due to the arthritis should be reduced for a month or more so you would be trading off short term pain for long term relief. How much pain reduction you experience is also unpredictable.
ebellegreen , there is one other part to this. I have had the cortisone shots to the spine and I did not tolerate the lingering pain after the shot very well at all. I could not sleep for a few days because of the pain. It was such a deep pain that ached for me that I was unable to do much at all. I tried the same shot a second time 6 weeks later and after that decided not to take it again because the injection into the spine was too much.

More recently, I had a spinal fusion and that has been better but I do still have pain. I may look into a TENS unit in the future so see if that can help. With my knees and hips also in pain, I would be glad of anything that reduced the pain
This is what I am worried about. I don't do well with pain and I am scared that I will make myself a week of agony. I may wait until the pain is worse because according to my doctor, it is only going to continue to degrade over time.

I had not read about the TENS units before so thanks for mentioning it. I looked it up and will chat with my doctor about that option also at my next visit.
I have had cortisone shots in my wrists, but not my spine. I would be a bit afraid of doing it. May I suggest that you try Omega-3 fish oil capsules which reduce the inflammation. Which in turn reduces the pain. This may eliminate the need for the shots hopefully. They help my back tremendousy. Good luck

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