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anxiety, stress, IBS-D and my job

I have had IBS-D for 3 years and it has been slowly getting worse. I think it is related to the stress that I have from the job. If I get into meeting where there is intense discussion, I will often have to excuse myself several times because I have an urge to go to the toilet. It is embarassing and I can't do anything near a good job this way. I can take codeine but that affects my mental performance so I try not to take it if I can avoid it. The problem is that many days when I need to be in meetings and have to be sharp, that is when I will need the codeine.

Does anybody have ideas how to manage the anxiety-IBS link? I would really be happy to hear suggestions. I could leave but with my skills I think that I will have the same problems in other jobs.

The best thing that you can do is to work with a mental health specialist. Your employer might have employee support plans to get you started because counseling of any form can get expensive quickly. You can also ask about antianxiety medications in the meantime until you are able to manage the stress and anxiety through behavior.

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but many medical facilities have special teams for people who have IBS. They can provide a comprehensive list of options for you to get your IBS under control.

That is very helpful thank you. I think my gastro. suggested something to that effect at the very beginning but I thought it was more like counselling to deal with the diagnosis of having a chronic illness. I didn't need that because I was not having problems coping at the time. Now it would probably help.

Stress and anxiety are HUGE triggers for me as well. It used to happen to me a lot as a child when I was anxious and I just thought it was normal. I just took an interesting training on trauma. The approach was that trauma is stored in the cells of the body and if not dealt with, can cause a host of problems, GI and head/neck are the main ones. Trauma's severity really depends on the outlook of the victim and how you feel about and deal with a particular trauma. Has anyone had any luck with yoga or meditation for these stress/ anxiety IBS flares?

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