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Lifestyle Approach to Migraines
I've posted before on my chronic migraines. I got treatments for it and excedrin migraine medication and I thought I was over it. But now they have come back full force. It scares my family because they come too often and are accompanied by nosebleeds and shaking. I think the worse part is when I go get examined, there really isn't a specific answer even from doctors. So I was wondering if anyone is taking a holistic lifestyle approach to migraines. I'm talking types of food, amount of sleep, type of exercise. I want to create a overall health plan for migraines. Maybe by extension I will also become healthier overall.

Before I start, although bad my migraines do not sound as severe as yours. You have my absolute sympathy because they are such a painful and debilitating thing to live with! I made changes to my lifestyle and I have noticed a sharp reduction in how often I experience migraines, as well as how severe they are. A big thing with me was weight, when I lost weight my migraines greatly decreased too - because my blood pressure was much more stable. I don't know if you are overweight but if you are - this is the first thing you should consider. I also cut out certain foods - in fact, I am not at the stage where I do not have dairy at all. I would experience explosive migraines around five times a year. Touch wood, I am entering my fifth month without one. My advice, go and see your doctor who will be able to advise you further. You may also want to consider joining an online Migraine Support group - the insider tips and info I got from the one I joined have proven invaluable to me. I wish you lots of luck and I hope you manage to find something that works for you.
My wife and I both have severe migraines although hers are a lot worse than mine. She gets paralysis with hers. We've both been losing a lot of weight and watching what we're eating. Really cutting out preservatives, nitrates and other processed foods has helped immensely. I've also had the florescent lights in my office removed. Doctors are skeptical but I know that my migraines were definitely triggered by them. I also take a variety of vitamins and supplements suggested by my doctor. This, along with preventative medication and abortive (oral imitrex) has helped so much. Lifestyle and overall health plays such a big role in migraines, I'm convinced!
I used to suffer terrible debilitating headaches. I think I probably brought some of them on worrying about getting one. I don't think any one thing caused them so it was difficult to get them under control. I suffer from Graves Disease which is basically overactive thyroid and that had much to do with me getting them. In my early 40's I had my thyroid gland removed and I had a hysterectomy within 6 months of each other and although it created some different problems it really seemed to cut down on my headaches. I also have had some serious injuries to my neck in the past so suffer pain from that and I'm sure that when I've overdone it with exercise and my neck gets stiff it can cause the headaches. I know the signs and once I feel that coming on I can take meds like maxalt and offset it. If that doesn't work I know I just have to find a dark room and take something to make me sleep. It seems that once I have a good sleep it breaks the pattern and I'm back to normal. Luckily I rarely get them anymore and I did read that many people outgrow them in their 40's. I think eating healthy foods and staying away from additives and junk food and too much sugar works wonders for many.

Migraines are really terrible to have. It not only hurts you, it also deprives you of enjoying your life. Maybe lifestyle changes can help in alleviating the pain of having migraines.

First, try not to be stressed. I think stress is one of the major triggers of migraines. When a situation is not favorable, relax and breathe deeply. It will pass and it is not worth getting angry about. Try proper breathing techniques and counseling to be able to overcome stress.

Next, exercise outside, in the park or in your neighborhood. Soak in the greenery and release all the tension in your body. Release the bad vibes and after, you will feel light and happy.

Last, get some support, in your friends and family. Do not go through life alone, surround yourself with people who care about you!

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