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antidepressants for IBS-D
My GI put me on 10 mg of antidepressant as a way to relax my gut because I have problems with diarrhea. I am taking it before bedtime and after 4 days have not seen any changes. Has anyone else had luck with IBS-D using antidepressants?

From what I have read, the effectiveness depends on the person. For some people it can make things worse. For others it can help. I think it is hard to make a judgement on its effectiveness after only 4 days. These medications take some time to become active.

That is what the doc said but I was just hoping for a little more rapid effects. So far, I cannot tell any difference.

Just give it some time. Yes, it works for a lot of people, but it's not going to be immediate like you were hoping for. Don't give up on it yet. Smile
I guess nobody here has tried them. I will let you know how it goes in case it helps somebody.

Please do, it is always good to have more options when everything else you try does not work.

I wanted to pass along that I am doing much better. The doxepin is working very well even to the point that coworkers have noticed. They said I looked more comfortable and that I wasn't in the bathroom as much. Now I know what they were focusing on!!!

The only downside is the dry mouth so I am sipping herbal tea and water all the time. I have had a few wild dreams but I can handle that over the diarrhea any day.

That is good read! I am glad you had success. How has this affected any discomfort and pain? You did not say if you had any but I am curious.

I was getting bloating and cramps occasionally and haven't had any since I have been on it but it is too early to tell. I don't want to have unrealistic hopes.

That's great. Hopefully the medications remain tolerable and you will have a solution.

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