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Injections for OA treatment, How Painful are these?
Some months back a doctor recommended that I have the injections done to my knee or should I say knees to treat OA. However, my health plan didn't cover these at the time, an I wasn't too fond of this Orthopedic doctor. But now I am about to see another Orthopedic doctor for my knees as well as problems with my hip. I think there's a good chance they might also want me to have these injections done, and they might be able to get my health plan to go along this time. So, I want to know has anyone here had these done. How painful ar they? I have heard that they are quite painful to have done.
I have had the injections done. Maybe because it was so long ago, but it did not seem very bad to me. Also I think that I wanted them to work so badly, that I did not mind any pain. My knees were so bad that the injections did not help that much. Good luck.
I haven't had them either, but my grandma did. She didn't have to seem to have any issue with the injections themselves (they numbed her first, I think). She was so happy after, too, because it helped alleviate the pain she was struggling with before.
That is great Jessi, as the relief from the pain certainly makes one feel better. I think I had two or three injections, then I had to move on. I had a double knee replacement, which was very successful. I was blessed with good doctors.

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