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Getting sleep without amitriptyline
Hey everyone, I am a chronic sufferer of insomnia and have had it as far back as I remember. For the last 8 years, I have been taking amitriptyline because that was the only medication that I found actually works. I tried many, many different drugs but no others would allow me to sleep. I am happy with this medication, but the downside is that I have gained weight on the drug having gone from overweight to morbidly obese. My doctor has advised me that I really need to lose weight because I also have an arrythmia. So now, I am shopping around for other techniques to allow me to sleep without medication.

As some background, I already avoid caffeine, don't smoke and go for a walk each day. For you cynics, I really do walk and I have still become so overweight. I also have developing insulin resistance that makes it even harder to lose the weight.

Thanks for any help.

As an alternative to medications, I am not sure if you have tried white noise machines at bed time. Some people find benefit with them. As for medications, there are numerous new ones that would be worth trying if you still need medications.

May I ask what is the cause of your insomnia? If the underlying cause could be treated, that is always the best way to go?

I have had anxiety in the past but generally I just lay down and cannot fall asleep. I will think about conversations I had, something I read, ideas that I have had during the day. None of it is threatening, but it just does not allow me to sleep. I will look at the white noise machines. Can you recommend one?

I just wanted to add that another part of the problem is going to be that excess weight can make it more difficult to get a good night's sleep. As you lose the weight, you might find that sleep comes more easily.

Have you tried sleeping sitting in recliner? If your mind is conditioned to not sleep in the bedroom, that might take some undoing. If you can fall asleep in the  living room while reading or watching tv (less effective), that means that conditioning is the problem. You might have to do some experiments to see if there are places where you can sleep and then do the work to retrain the brain. This would involve getting up and doing something whenever you are laying there thinking.

You will have to try a few of the white noise machines. I don't use one myself and mine is old, but other members have said they were successful in using them.

That's interesting, bradoboy  I can sleep if I am at my desk (work or home) or reading a book. Many times that is my signal to go take the sleeping pill and get ready to go to bed. I can't sleep at my desk but the recliner might work. It would be a stop gap until I can sleep in the bed again.

Your situation does sound like a case of conditioning. It is silly how our brain can make these associations, but it gives a direction to go in.

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