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Looking for foods that slow intestinal transit
Hello, can anyone tell me what are some foods to try so that I can make my diarrhea less severe. I have been cutting out so many foods that were affecting me that I don't know where to start in readding some. Even if it slows down only a little that would be helpful. I know that fiber can do that but I am intolerant to many types of fibers. Thanks.

If you can eat cheese, it will bind things up as will eating lean beef or even beef jerky. Lean chicken is alright too. Be careful with the cheese because it has fat and that can cause oily diarrhea for some people.

The BRAT diet is good for calming the digestive track. The BRAT stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. In your case, toast may be a no go but the others should be good.

Thanks for the suggestions. Do you think potatoes would be helpful?

Potatoes, sweet potatoes and even oatmeal are pretty safe although I am not sure how much they will address your transit issues. Have you tried any of these foods in the last few days?

I did try the beef and cheese and the cheese really does work. It was a pleasant surprise as I like cheese. I am not confident of the long term health implications of eating like this because I can handle very few vegetables but at least I can eat. I am trying potatoes this evening.

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