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Trying to use sleep restriction again

I could use some advice from others who were successful with using sleep restriction. I have used it successfully in the past. About 7 years ago I was having insomnia so I attempted to use it and followed advice. I set myself up to sleep 5 hours each night. After 3 months, I was back too something like normal and very thankful.

All was going well until about a month ago and I noticed I was having insomnia again. I wanted to nip it in the bud so I started sleep restriction again. I was using the 5 hour regimen but after 2 weeks, I was feeling physically ill and my ability to think was seriously impaired. I had to nap for 5 minutes at a time to even function. I even had an episode where I was walking and my brain went to sleep or something like that because it was like I had teleported down the block.

At that point, I decided to increase the hours I stay in bed up to 7 and that has worked some nights. The problem is that at least 3 nights per week, I go to bed yawning with my eyes watering at the set bedtime but when I lay down, I am completely awake. I was really hoping that I could get my sleep back on track like I did last time, but it is just not working.

Has anyone had difficulties using the same approach more than one time and did you vary things to make it work?

It might be that your attempts to go to bed at the same time every night aren't working for you this a time around. I would try going to bed when you start feeling sleepy. Otherwise wait 90 minutes and you will likely feel sleepy again. My understanding is that 90 minutes is the natural alertness cycles of your brain so if you watch what it is telling you, you might have better luck in getting to sleep.

Thanks for the feedback. I have to try some new variation because it ain't working like it did before. It has been very frustrating. With no idea whether I will sleep any given night, I feel like I am living in chaos. Admittedly it is better than I felt only sleeping 5 hours each night but it is still not very tolerable.

I have used sleep restriction before and for me it was only the time in bed that made the difference. I tried keeping precise hours but many nights I was unable keep my eyes open 30 to 60 minutes before bed so I went with it. Sometimes I would sleep more and sometimes I would sleep less but it was just easier than fighting only to find by the time I was laying down that I had my "second wind".

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