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fecal transplant options for IBSers?
I know it is not a "Christmassy" subject but I do see it as a potential gift for those who have been living with IBS if it can work. I have been reading quite a number of articles related to C. Difficile treatment and the success that has been seen with fecal transplant therapy. I think that this could be the cure for most IBS sufferers who have had years of suffering. Does anyone know doctors who would be willing to perform the procedure? I could probably do it at home but I don't want the legal problems.

Fecal bacteriotherapy may well help many people with IBS but to say it is a cure is probably overstating its value. Many people have tried probiotics with mixed success and I would expect the same of fecal bacteriotherapy. It likely would not work for those with transit issues, obstruction issues, incontinence or physical abnormalities of the rectum and anus. None of these are really bacterial issues.

I also would not recommend doing it at home because you would want the donor "sample" to checked for disease prior to use.

I know some people have other problems instead of bacteria but that frequently leads to bacterial problems. Transit issues will be helped by FT therapy because the bacterial balance can be modified to something that doesn't create odor. I know that for myself and others like me who have suffered fecal body odor all our lives, this has a good chance of providing a cure. I see the FT therapy as the form of probiotic treatment with the greatest chance of effectiveness since so many strains are being introduced at the same time.

I appreciate the comments around safety of sharing poop but I see the risks as low if I know the person who is donating.

We will have to agree to disagree in terms of what fecal bacteriotherapy can treat and let research prove one of us right at some time. As far as I understand it, if the bacterial overgrowth from transit issues was temporarily put in check, the underlying problem still exists so the bacterial population would probably shift back to a similar population as before treatment.

I just wanted to say that if you do find information or make progress, please do share it. Many of the people with bacterial overgrowth could benefit.

At this point I am desperate enough that I would try it in a medical setting. As I see it the worst that would happen is that I would have to take antibiotics to wipe out the new population if it went south.

That is where I am at and why I hope to find a doctor willing to perform the experiment. I think it should be a much less difficult sell since it has been shown to treat C. Difficile effectively.

I definitely don't recommend doing this on your own. I wouldn't be concerned with the legal side so much as the medical/sterile/health side. Find yourself a doctor that is wiling to do it (they do exist) and then hope for the best.
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