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Reflux got worse, not better with Nexium
I was recently diagnosed and after trying one PPI that did not work well, my doctor prescribed Nexium. I have been on it 4 days and the symptoms are worse. I no longer have reflux but I have a constant taste of vomit reflux in my mouth and my throat is really burning. I stopped the Nexium and am instead taking Zantac. It doesn't work as well but my throat is much better at least. Is the problem with Nexium temporary or should I ask for something else?

When are you taking the Nexium?

I ask because I know that its side effects are said to be worse if you're not taking it at least an hour before a meal.

Also, are you taking the pills or the kind that you put in water? If it's the latter, could it be the powder that is stripping your throat and making the taste worse otherwise?
Nexium can cause many negative side effects so you probably want to talk to your doctor to find an alternative. The side effects are not going to go away on their own. There are other options too so do not worry. Many people find that they have to search for the drug that works best for them.

My doctor prescribes medication for my GERD and once, when I ran out of it, I researched and found that taking two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar takes it away. Use water with it if you need to, but it works very well. Good luck.
Well, first of all you never get rid of reflux, all you can do is get it under control. For some Nexium does work effectively in doing this, but for others it doesn't. Apparently it didn't work too well for you, but Zantac does, but not at 100%. The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor, and explain that the Nexium didn't work, maybe they can find something that will work effectively for you. By the way have you ever tried Prilesec, this is what I use when I found Zantac was no longer working for me.
I have also taken to having an alkaseltzer every now and them. It seems to help my system when I feel bloated.

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