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Managing Hair Loss With Lupus
My friend's hair is really thinning out. It is noticeable that she is losing her hair at a rapid pace. She has tried to do comb over tricks and isn't ashamed of it, but I worry about her health. She has turned to the bottle and is drinking more and more. I wonder if this is contributing to her diminishing health. Any ideas on why her hair is falling out so much?
Hair loss is one of the side effects of Lupus, so what she needs to do is limit the damage as much as possible. Advise her to use a wide toothed comb rather than a brush, and to avoid using hair dryers and straighteners as much as possible. It's best to use gentle shampoos, no more than twice a week, and let hair dry naturally.

More protein in the diet will help to strengthen the hair, and this may sound odd, but she needs to keep properly hydrated, so that the scalp and hair roots get the moisture they need to stay strong and healthy. I've followed these strategies since I was diagnosed 15 years ago, and although I lose hair on a daily basis, what I have left is strong, shiny and healthy, so it still looks good.
As for the fact hair loss due to lupus side effects. What about weight issues. How to stable the weight so that the person can actively tackle the disease?
Lupus is not something you can 'actively tackle,' although there will be less strain on the organs if you are a healthy weight. The problem is that when lupus is active, it's very debilitating, and you may not be able to exercise and burn off surplus calories. Also, some of the medications used to treat lupus can make it more difficult to lose weight.

This is something that really needs to be discussed with the medical team concerned, because lupus affects each person differently.
Thanks for the tips. She has stopped drinking so much and her hair is growing in a little thicker. I think you were right Sandra. She was just dehydrated all of the time from drinking, but now that she quit she is doing much better. I have noticed a little bit of weight gain in her too. She was diagnosed 4 years ago so I think she was just drowning away her sorrows.
There is a shampoo and conditioner called Nioxin. It is often used by people going through chemotherapy, however it works on healthy people as well because it removes the many chemicals that cause hair thinning from the scalp. I don't know if it will work for someone with lupus but is worth a try because it does work for chemo patients and anyone that has thinning hair or even people that don't have thinning hair. There are also vitamins like biotin that may be beneficial, along with staying well hydrated.

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