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insomnia changes by season
I had been sleeping better than normal most of the summer but now my insomnia is back for the last two months. This is the second year that this has happened so I am curious if insomnia could be affected by seasonal changes. Does anyone else have this problem? I am wondering if it could be something like Seasonal Affective Disorder. I am not at all depressed but the changes seem tied to the season.

The summer is when I have the worst sleep, myself. Mild allergies and too much bright light make getting enough sleep a challenge. I am usually very happy when the trees and bushes in the area lose their leaves and the irritants in the air are gone. The longer hours of darkness also make it easier for me to go back asleep when I wake up at the wrong time.

In your situation, it might just be tied to the amount of light. The levels of melatonin that your body produced may go too low without the extra sunlight. You could try one of those SAD lights or making sure you get more sunlight in the other seasons.

It is interesting how we respond so differently to the seasons. No wonder so many people have such difficulties sleeping.

The SAD light is what I was thinking to try. I already go for a walk at lunch time and that is about all the light I get. My office is in the depths of the building so I do not get much light otherwise. If this was all it took for me to get my sleep I would be have a few of the lights at home and one for my cubicle at work.

Since it is not that expensive to try, you should get one. If it works for you, it would be helpful to share that in the forums. It is always good to have more ideas to battle the insomnia.

Oh absolutely!

Even if you aren't depressed, the change in seasons can affect how you sleep regardless. It's harder for your body to tell the difference between night and day, for starters. As others recommended, try manipulating your lights. Make sure you have them turned on during "awake" hours and then shut them off about an hour before you'd like to try sleeping. This will help signal to your body that it's nearing nighttime and time for sleep.
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