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Dry mouth and sore throat from RA
I have had a sore throat all summer along with a stuffy nose and itchy eyes. I get allergies every year and this is normal except my throat was sorer than normal. Now that it is fall, everything went away except I still have the sore throat. I told my doctor this and he told me that RA can cause a sore throat. I have had RA for 7 years so I was surprised to have this new symptom. Does anyone else here have this and any ways to help? I feel like I am getting a cold most of the time and it is very uncomfortable.

The most common cause of dry mouth with RA is Sjogrens's syndrome, but it can also happen from RA alone. I am not sure how it is best managed because I do not have it myself. You will want to learn more about managing dry mouth because it can cause a lot of bacterial build up, cavities and gum disease in some people.

My sister in law has dry mouth with a sore throat (not from RA) and her doctor recommended a mouth wash for dry mouth. Ask your pharmacist about this to see what your options are. She said that it worked very well for her but I am not sure what the brand is that she used.

I found a mouth wash and I am going to try that. It is not that expensive but we'll see how often I have to use it. Thanks for the suggestion. I would still like to talk to anyone who has RA and dry mouth. Thanks

Hi, I have RA and a few other conditions and I have dry mouth, but this dry mouth is from the medications. The best results I have found to manage the dryness are to have sugarless freezer pops. The cool and moisture is the best thing I found for relief, but it is still a very annoying condition.

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