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overstimulation preventing sleep
Can anyone help me? It always seems that I am mentally overstimulated when I get into bed. I can be yawning so much that my eyes are watering but as soon as I am in bed it changes. I will lay there with thoughts that are all over the place. sometimes even keeping my eyes shut is difficult. It isn't worrying or stress or anything like that. Its thought about a conversation I had, something I saw on television or even something I read. Any suggestions?

Try to meditate and relax before bed. Do you ever workout during the day? Now that I workout more I am too tired to even think by the time my head hits the pillow. Go for a walk after dinner or try walking in the morning so that you can make yourself a little sleepier. A nice cup of tea helps me out too.
You are suffering from racing thoughts and many people with insomnia have the same problem. There isn't one solution to this but you have to find some activities that calm your mind and body down long before bed. Some people will meditate, others will listen to soft music and some people will read a really boring book. You can also take medications but that is not a long lasting solution. You should try to keep a journal to track what methods you use and what works for you. Try each approach for a few days at least to see if it works because you cannot confirm success or failure in only one night.

I know I can't read anything before bed because that is what I have been doing but the music is worth trying. I don't know if I could meditate either but I can read to see if that is helpful. Thanks

There could be reasons that you are so aroused at that point to. Most people know about avoiding caffeine and other stimulants. Do you nap or exercise late in the day? Having a nap can make it difficult to sleep at night. Exercising too late in the day also causes problems.  

I do have naps on occasion but only when I can't stay awake. Most of the time I don't because I know they are making the problem worse. Can you tell me how early I should be exercising? I usually exercise right after dinner after my shift so it is usually about 9 at night. I would really hate to have to stop exercising.

It will depend on the person but If you are going to bed any time before midnight, your central nervous system is probably overstimulated. Your body will be wired for a while after exercise. You would be better to exercise before work if you can stay awake.

Bedtime has been right after exercising and showering. I guess that is bad idea. Thanks for your help!!!

As someone mentioned above, meditating could really work for you. Instead of letting your mind race without direction, refocus it on something serene. Picture a lake or woods or beach. Discuss with yourself the every detail of how it looks. Consciously count slowly and focus on the numbers as you say them in your head. Pick out the colors in the sunset. Anything that focuses your mind on the landscape instead of what happened during your day. You may fall asleep sooner than you realize.
I have the same issues as well. I have also been told to try meditating. I just have a hard time focusing, but I guess with anything you just need to keep practicing until it becomes easier or more natural. But I find the same thing, I'm tired and I want to go to sleep, but as soon as I lay down in my bed my mind starts racing again.

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