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So much time in the toilet
The IBS symptoms started for me when I was 19. I started having problems with dairy that caused extremely bad gas and bloating so I cut them out. I had other problems so I cut out gluten and I think that has also helped. Over the years I have found out which foods cause me problems and eliminated them from my diet. I have a really, really limited diet now but I still get problems. After 10 or 15 minutes into a meal I will have to go to the toilet. It is really difficult to enjoy a meal on my own. It is impossible with friends. I know that it is nothing about what I am eating at a meal because there is no way it is moving through me that quickly. I feel trapped having to be so close to a toilet.

What tests have you had to date? A gastroenterologist can do blood tests and a colonoscopy. This can help to determine what problems you have so a treatment plan can be put together. I would also add that your worries about being close to a toilet are echoed by many of us who have an extra task of mapping out toilet locations before we ca venture outside.

Both these type of tests can be very useful if you have not had them. It is also important to find a good GI who is willing to take the time to work with you. The whole process of diagnosing and understanding a particular IBS case can be time consuming so you want someone you can work with.

Hi, I have had a colonscopy, blood tests, tests for malabsorption and analysis of my stool for bacterial content but they did not tell the doctors or me anything. I stopped going because they were taking my money and not offering any answers. ALL the improvements have come because of changes that I made myself.

I am sure that anyone who has to go so frequently will have to plan. It does not help me with the trapped feeling though.

Your independent spirit is admirable because so many people just wait for solutions from their doctors. Still, it can be worth it to find a doctor willing to work with you. I would not give up on the medical system entirely. What doctors have that the rest of us do not always have is new information. If you have a good doctor, you can ask questions based on what you learn and they can tell you about new treatment options.

That said, your feelings of being trapped are your psychological response to your condition, not the condition itself. Even if you have to be close to a toilet, there are different ways that you can react to these situation. Many people with health problems can benefit from counseling. You may not believe it but it can be worth trying. Just give it a chance because it does take some time.

My worry is that they will simply try to put me on medications. I do not want to be dependent on drugs or have my personality changed. I think I am getting depressed from so many years of feeling alone but will not take antidepressants.

Just communicate with the psychiatrist what your goals are. Let them know that medications are not an option. If they are depending on prescribing medications, they will probably not even take you on as a patient.

I agree with elaine just communicate with your psychiatrist. I suffer from IBS and I had a terrible time getting it under control. I found eating to many sugary products started me off, so I had to change my diet and cut down on the alcohol. I hear that the experience with IBS is different for everyone.

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