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able to sleep away from my house but not at home
I have regular episodes of insomnia. I have had them for years. Some nights I will just lay in bed sleeping for a few hours at a time during the night. If I am awake I get up but after an hour I can go to bed and sleep for another hour or so. I wish I could sleep the whole night but I never can. I just got back from vacation and for the whole week I was able to sleep a solid 7 or 8 hours every night. I have been back 5 days and it is back to the horrible sleep.

Does anyone have suggestions why?

It sounds like you were able to relax while away but at home you can't.

So think about what you did different. Did you have really long, enjoyable days, and then just crash when you got back to your hotel? Are you super stressed at home? Do you watch TV before bed or go to bed before you're tired and then fret over not being able to sleep? Is your bed uncomfortable?
This sounds like a situation where you have inadvertently trained your brain that your bedroom is not for sleep. When you were elsewhere, you did not have the same association so you were able to sleep. Maybe daily stress has caused your system to work like this. I suggest sleeping in a different bed in a different room and see if you have the same interrupted sleep. Even sleeping on the couch might be possible for you if this is the problem.

It could be that or it could be that your mind was just taken off of those things that stress you. Without the stress, you were able to sleep. It could have even been a change of diet or a little bit of alcohol that helped you sleep.


Those ideas are worth exploring. I will try sleeping in a different bed and see if that causes any change. I would really like to know because the week of the vacation was the only time I have felt rested in a long time.


Stress is also a possibility but I thought about my work stress while I was on vacation. I don't understand why I would not have slept. I did drink on the vacation but not much more than normal. A single glass of wine is more than enough because I have no tolerance.

Consider the positive in all of this that it is possible for you to sleep the whole night. It is always promising to have an achievable goal. Now the work starts for you to find the right conditions to get there.

Thats interesting, I actually tend to find the opposite. Nonetheless, I would also strongly wonder if it is your stress level in your everyday life. Even though you carried some of the stress with you on the vacation, you were still at least removed from the situation and knew you didn't have to go into work and face it the next day.
I have to agree that your insomnia must be tied to stressors in your life which are part of your home or daily life. Perhaps at home you are not far away from the chores you need to do or thoughts of the project at the office you have not completed yet. Whatever it is you need to identify the source and work through it. Do reach out to organizations that offer counseling services to help you better undertand the situation and how to manage it. Some are even offering counseling services for free.

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