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having nausea after bowel movements
Nausea isn't usually a problem for me. I get diarrhea daily and have made major changes to limit its effects. Most have worked. The nausea is the only symptom that I can sometimes get which really zaps me. It happens after I have a bowel movements but only sometimes. I have yet to understand what might be causing it because it happens once or maybe twice per week. When it does happen, I have to lay in bed for about hour until it passes because I feel horrible. Does anyone else get this and how do you make it more tolerable?

My gastroenterologist told me several years ago that those of us with IBS can get nausea quite easily. It has not been true for me, but I have heard from quite a number of people with IBS that they have this problem. There are antinausea medications that you could take but I am not sure whether the side effects would be worth it in your situation considering the infrequent occurrences. Still, it would be worth asking your doctor to prescribe something and try it to see if is worth it for you.

I do plan to ask the doctor at my next appointment. I am quite glad it is not everyday but it is often enough for me. Between the diarrhea and the nausea, I just have too much down time. It drives me a little mad.

I just saw the thread. I too get nausea but I have not found a link to my bowel movements. Some amount of time after I eat, I will occasionally feel nauseous. I know it is nothing to do with the food because I keep a diary so it remains a mystery. In your situation, I wonder if the nausea is arising as a side effect of the discomfort you are facing with the diarrhea. IBS involves a brain to bowel link and you never know if that might be the cause.

That might explain it but what do you mean by a bowel to brain link? I know that my bowels often feel awful from the diarrhea but don't see how this is causing the nausea. Please explain.

There has been research that identified the problems of IBS being related to changes in the brain. The bowels do not behave normally at some level because of these differences. My understanding is that it is the same type of problem that can cause nausea when we are nervous or upset. It is just my take on what I have read so there is not more to it than that.

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