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getting control of IBS symptoms for short periods
Hi everyone. I am new to the forums. I have a question about how to control IBS symptoms for short bits of time. From the beginning when I started having symptoms and had trouble controlling my bowel movements my husband has been getting groceries. He is very busy so I would like to do it but I can't seem to be away from a toilet for more than 30 minutes. It makes it difficult to go anywhere.

Have any of you with more experience learned ways to delay the IBS diarrhes for an hour or so? Thanks.

The most common way is to take Immodium occasionally when you need longer lasting control. The calcium found in Tums or Rolaids can also help some people. I am sorry you are so house bound. That can be difficult.

I don't mind being at home. My husband and I made a lifestyle choice that I would stay at home and raise the children. This has worked for us except for me not being able to run errands. Now that my husband is much busier with his company, it is becoming a serious problem. I tried Immodium but it didn't seem to help.

There are also alternatives to you going out. You can get groceries delivered for a small fee. If you are able to plan for a week or more, then it should not be too costly. There are plenty of seniors who use such services.

It's more about controlling when you eat then. If you know you want to run some errands, then obviously don't eat during the bit beforehand. Also, know where your local bathrooms are. Check with your grocery stores to see which ones have public restrooms so that if you need a pit stop during the middle of your errands, you have a place to go without panicking over a possible accident.
That is a good idea. We had never even considered it. Both of the nearby grocery stores offer the service so there is less pressure for me to get out. I still want to so the kids can be involved in some activities so I will have to search more for options.

I guess I'm lucky, mine is the other way round. It's uncomfortable more than anything else as when I've got a bout it makes be feel so bloated. Although I wouldn't class myself as constipated, if that makes sense.

Reference to your problem. Yes I would think fasting the evening before you plan to go out, maybe mixed with taking ammodium should at least give you that couple of hours window to do as you wish.

Good luck with it.

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