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RE: which fiber for slowing stool movement?
Hello May,

The type of fiber that you are describing for slowing stool movement is soluable fiber. The other type is insoluable fiber. You can search on these terms to find suppliers and how it works. Keep in mind that any recommendations on the amount to take are just that, recommendations. You will have to experiment to find that exact amount that works for you. You may also have no luck at all with it. Fiber is not always the problem.

I am trying to find out the type of fiber to use for slowing stool movement. I have not found a clear answer yet. My stool is not diarrhea but is very soft. I was looking but nothing I searched for lead to an answer.



Thank you. I understand that it may not be fiber but I am just starting to learn about IBS.

If you lack success with one of the different brands of soluble fiber, do not give up. My experience with fiber has been to not use the psyllium because even after drinking a lot of water it did not work. Now I use Citrucel and occasionally take laxatives. This is the most success I have had.

That is good to know. I was not sure how different the types of fiber were. I guess I have some trial and error ahead. Thanks everybody.

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