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Managing GERD pain at night
Please help. Right now I sleep propped up to avoid reflux when I sleep. This has worked for about 3 years. I also take a pepcid before bed and don't eat anytime near bed time. In the last while I keep waking up with reflux pain anyways. I wake up in the same position as I feel asleep but the pain in the middle of my chest to my back is bad. Then I take something else like Tums or Rolaids and I can usually fall back asleep. I am getting very tired from waking up in the night and it is just making life more difficult.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Have you changed your diet at all recently? If you are not entirely aware of what you are eating you can sometimes add foods to your diet that increase the reflux even if you are not eating them near bed time.

To the best of my recollection, my diet is as boring as always. I tried to add some foods I like back into my diet half a year ago and my stomach rebelled so I had to go back to the same boring food. I haven't' tried anything since because it is not worth the pain and discomfort.

Have you talked to your doctor regarding this? I haven't actually experience such a thing myself, I do know that usually when I have had such pain its because the stomach is empty and acid has built in my chest. So I end up with a bad form of heart burn. I don't know what could actually be the cause of your discomfort, but maybe talking to your doctor will help determine the cause. Maybe you need a higher milligram strength of Pepcid or maybe you need to be taking it at a different time. A doctor will help you to figure this out.
It might be time to update your pillows or change to using a foam wedge. Pillows can lose their firmness over time. If your back is bent, you could be pushing on your stomach making it more likely to get reflux.

I had no idea about posture and reflux. The only thing I was trying to do was keep my head above my stomach. I know my back was bothering me a bit in this position but I stuck to it because the reflux was controlled. Have anyone tried wedges from different companies to find the better ones? I suppose the preferences are personal but I would like some ideas.

The wedge I bought was a no name brand offered at the medical supply shop. It is just a a semi stiff foam covered in fabric. I never looked for more than one. I was happy just to find what I did.

My wedge is not a name brand product either. It works well and I have had it for years. It is a little deformed from all the years of use but works well enough.

Thanks for the responses. I found one myself at our local pharmacy and used it last night for the first time. I didn't sleep well with it so the jury is still out if it is going to prevent the reflux.

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