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RA damage to the heart
My RA diagnosis came 8 years ago. Since then I have tried many drug combinations but few have worked. It was only in the last year that I finally found a drugs combination that works. One problem out of the way... Now my most recent visit to the doctor last week has more bad news. My doctor told me that my pulse and blood pressure are weak. I went to the doctor this time because my girlfriend noticed I was sighing a lot. I was feeling tired reguarly too. The doctor thinks I have damage to the heart from the RA. Needless to say, I am rather concerned about this. I would like to talk to other people who have heart injury from RA.

I am sorry that you are experiencing complications from RA. This is a serious side effect. The one piece of possible good news is that if your medications are now working, it could dramatically reduce any future degradation of your heart. Most of the injury from RA happens while you are not taking medications or not taking medications that are not effective for you. I do hope that you find someone with related experience to chat with.

Balderdash, I do not have any known injury to my organs. I just wanted to add that If you think you can do exercise, I would talk to the rheumatologist about a managed exercise plan in order to improve the strength of the heart. Exercise has well-known benefits for people with RA and would likely improve your health. Just make sure that you do talk to your doctor because you could do yourself harm if you do more than your doctor recommends.

The doctor said the same that I am lucky we found a working drug combination. It was a lot of frustrating years getting there. He never mentioned that I could exercise so that is a good question. I thought that if the heart is injured that I better take it easy to let it recover.

That may be what you have to do at some level but an active lifestyle is usually better than inactivity. In any event, your doctor should be willing to suggest a plan or refer you to someone to tailor a plan for you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will ask.

I would still like to talk to anybody who has the same heart injury if they are available.

Has your doctor tested you for Lupus? Because that is similar to RA, but it affects the organs, rather than the joints. I have a combination of Lupus and RA, and I have damage to the lungs which sounds similar to your problem. It may be worth raising this point with your doctor on your next visit.

My doctor advises me to take gentle exercise, such as walking or swimming, but to avoid anything too strenuous which may put the lungs under more pressure. It works for me.

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