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Does hypnosis work for insomnia?
I was at a party a few weeks ago and my friend introduced me to another woman who also has insomnia. We were talking about all the trouble of living with insomnia. It was refreshing to talk to somebody else who understood but I also felt we were starting to whine too much. Anyway, she mentioned that she had heard about hypnosis to treat insomnia and was planning on going for a session. I thought it was a little "New Ageish" when she told me but since I am still dependent on the medications, I am now considering it. The only point that is stopping me is that the sessions are $150 for an hour. Does anyone have any experience with this form of treatment?

The success of hypnosis depends on your ability to respond to suggestion. I am inherently skeptical so I have not tried it. I am not entirely sure that it holds a lot of validity, but you would have to decide that for yourself.

An alternative option is to seek out the training courses on self hypnosis. They teach you to reach a state of deep relaxation to make yourself more suggestive and to then tell yourself how you need to behave. If you can master this, then it can help you quiet your mind which is helpful for being able to sleep anyway.

Of course, none of this can work if you have not yet developed a sleep schedule, a means to slow down before bed time and removed stimulants from your diet near end of day.

I did cut out caffeine after lunch, but my schedule really makes it difficult to have a night time ritual. I come home from work, make dinner and then work until an hour before bed. That is the only time I relax and it is usually spent with my husband where we chat for a while. I may just try the hypnosis anyway. If I find it has any benefit, I can always invest the time in a self-taught course.

I am not a firm believer in hypnosis for anything. I am of the opinion that if you want to become hypnotised that you will be, but if you are a skeptic, like me, it will never work. It all boils down to suggestion. If that's the case, then I wouldn't pay someone $150 to suggest to me that sleeping more is a good thing. But, this is just my opinion and many people swear by this stuff. If you are open to it, then just the mere suggestion of getting a good night's sleep might do the trick. Just be careful and do your research before you sign on with anyone in particular.

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