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How is Capzasin for OA pain?
Hello and thanks up front for any help. I have OA in my wrists and my hands. The doctor has me taking steroids for the pain and they do help but the pain is still always there. I have gloves to warm my hands too and a heating pad also offers some relief. I take Tylenol for the pain too. I still have some lingering pain so wanted to learn more about the Capzasin skin cream. Can anyone recommend it?

I have not tried that one before. My personal cocktail is Tylenol in addition to Mobic and this sufficient most of the time. I will take Tramadol if I really need to get rid of the pain, but I do not like how I feel when I take it so it is only the last resort.

Before I started looking in the forums I didn't know much about Mobic. I would like to try that. I think I could really use something for the inflammation. My joints feel so stiff sometimes.

You should tell your doctor that your pain medications are not working. Then you can work with the doctor to get your pain under control. It sure beats suffering and looking for something else. If your doctor is not very knowledgeable about pain medications, it would be worth seeking one who is.

I did ask a friend with diabetes about the Capzasin cream and she was not positive. She has neuropathic pain and told me that the pain after applying the cream was just too much for her. She said her foot felt like it was burning for 4 hours. She says to only try it if you have no other option and the pain is unbearable. I hope this helps.

Thanks for talking to your friend? I may still try it because my pain is pretty bad. It sounds like taking it is an ordeal by itself but if I could get past that pain being rid of the pain in my hands would be worth it.

Thanks Margaret, I will talk to my doctor. I am just trying to be prepared.

I am sorry the pain is so bad. Maybe try putting on a tiny amount of the cream, to see if you can handle it. Then increase up to the recommended amount a bit at a time.

I have not used this cream for my OA so I can't give you my input on it. I have used an MSM type product that seem to work pretty well. You can find these on the market they usually will look blue in color. What I like about them is they absorb well in the skin, don't burn too much and there is no strong scent. Also, they seem to work quite effectively for my pain.
Shellyk, try soaking your hands in warm water, two or three times a day. While your hands are in the water, exercise your fingers. This has helped many people who have pain in their hands. Good luck.

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