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stress and diarrhea
I am having a really bad time as of late. They are laying off people like crazy in waves and letting everyone else know that they are being watched for performance. I don't have a good relationship with my foreman but I consider myself a hard worker, but that doesn't seem to be important. This is all causing me bad bowel problems. I get diarrhea after eating anything. Then I am stuck in the toilet more than normal causing me more stress. I have been going to work without eating anything in the morning. Then I wait until about 10:30 so that diarrhea comes at about noon. It is not exactly predictable and it is all very difficult. Can anybody suggest ways to help manage the bowel problems even for a short time? Should I use Immodium?

Well you already know what I'm going to say, right?

You know the cause of the problem.... the stress.... so you also know the solution. Realistically, you know that regardless of what you do, your boss may not choose to keep you. By needing to be in the restroom for longer amounts of time, you're actually giving him *reasons* to do that, instead of remaining a consistently good worker who is reliable. So try not to stress as much and keep an eye out for other jobs. Or even talk to your boss about your concerns, which might ease things up.
Stress is well known to feed IBS symptoms so you should probably visit your doctor letting him/her know about the problem that you are having. I wouldn't take Immodium because you are avoiding treating the underlying problem. If your stress is tied to anxiety, it might be possible take medications to manage your stress in the short term. If your IBS is also caused by other bowel issues, it might be possible to also treat those underlying problems.

Have you tried any techniques for managing stress? This could be very beneficial for helping you better manage this stressful situation. Some people benefit from meditation and exercise. There was a recent news article where they found out that exercise reduces stress. In my opinion, the stress is what you have to target.

Immodium is just a 'paper over the cracks' treatment, and it could even add to your problems. Go to the doctor and tell him about your symptoms, and Google 'stress relieving foods.' Include as many of these in your diet as you can, and try some relaxation techniques as well. I think you should probably look for another job - stress is dangerous to your health in many ways.
I have always had problems managing stress and never managed to get control of it. I am anxious most of the time. I shouldn't have ignored it for so many years. Putting it off is making my life miserable now. So you can't recommend anything short term at all?

You will probably cause yourself far more problems if you try to mess with medications on your own, but a doctor may be able to offer safer suggestions for some short term relief. Unfortunately with IBS there are no such simple solutions.

I can definitely tell when I am stressed. I have to run to the bathroom more often. If I eat, food goes right through me. If I do not eat, my stomach hurts and my intestines cramped up. Then when I do finally eat, my gut is even worse. I think if you learn how to deal with relieving stress in another way, it might help you.
Try not to stress too much because this is something you have no control.over. the decision may already be made. Just go about your work as you would normally do. Stress is definitely a trigger. You need to manage your stress levels. Easier said then done I know but you have to figure it out.

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