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Anxiety about insomnia
In the last 3 months I have had ongoing insomnia. It is making my life miserable. I will occasionally have a good night where I sleep the whole night and it is wonderful. Then I think things are getting better but the next night is crappy so I feel really let down. I will have an anxiety attack thinking about how poorly I am managing the lack of sleep which will make sleep hard for a few nights. It is a vicious circle that I cannot seem to break. Does anyone have anything profound to say about how to curb this anxiety?

I am so sorry you are facing this. There is no simple answer, but I think it is important to keep yourself busy so that you do not dwell on the fact you are having sleep issues. You will also need to work with your doctor to find some sleep medications that can aid you in overcoming the insomnia. I say aid because you want to address the underlying problem and not become reliant on the medications.

Then, try focusing on anxiety management techniques. Breathing techniques and yoga are means of calming the body if that is something you feel comfortable to get into. At a minimum using deep breathing to find something to focus on is helpful.

Thanks for the help. I know this will be a long journey to recover even though it seems like it came on so quickly. I have been doing my best to keep myself busy the entire day. I even played some of the silly board games that my husband enjoys and managed to keep my mind off of sleep. This seems like a very reasonable approach. Thank you.

You may find benefit also in looking at books about mental neurolinguistic programming. It is essentially a means of changing the way you think about things. In your case, where the lack of sleep is seen so negatively, it might help if you reframed your thoughts about it.

[[face=arial]]I had never heard about this until you mentioned it. Thank you! It is an intriguing idea and I will look into it more.

It is a very vicious cycle and I'm sorry you have to go through it. I found cognitive behavioral therapy extremely helpful for my anxiety. The more I learn to better manage my anxiety, the less sleep issues I have.

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