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uncontrollable gas problem
I could really use some suggestions for managing constant gas. I have had the problems with gas for almost 3 years. I am in University in my last year and I have no social life because I can't hold my gas long enough to carry on a conversation with friends let alone any guys I might like to meet. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat, I always get gas. Sometimes it is really smelly and I just don't know if it will be so I am so scared to completely repulse people and embarass myself. I mostly avoid people for this reason. My parents don't seem to understand either so sometimes I feel really alone because I can't even get much support when I go home or call. They say it is just gas but they have no idea and I feel so uncomfortable around people.

If anyone has ideas how to get this gas under control, I would be very grateful. Thank you for anyone who takes the effort to respond.

It is probably something that you do not want to hear but honesty and being upfront is the best policy. If you want to get to know people, let them know up front that you have a bowel problem. Some will be ignorant but others will have enough sense to respond reasonably. The problem with not being upfront is that they will find out only when you pass the gas and feel all embarrassed. That is a tough time to be trying to explain everything.

Have you talked to your doctor at all?

They can actually prescribe things to help out with your gas issue. Or have you tried using over the counter things like bean-o? They won't eliminate the issue entirely, but it could potentially help minimize it a little bit so you can talk longer.

And as Elaine said, being up front can be really helpful. Not everyone will understand, but a little awkwardness up front can go a long way in preventing the awkwardness later.
You are right but I can't even get enough time to get to know them. I don't feel comfortable starting a conversation telling people I might smell bad. I just want to get rid of the gas.
Keep a food diary, and see if particular foods are aggravating your gas. List what you eat and drink, and how much gas you get. You could also Google a list of things that cause gas, and eliminate as many of them as possible from your diet. As your problem seems excessive, I think you need to talk to your doctor to see if there is any help available to you. And you need to tell your friends - just make a joke of it. Students love to joke about passing gas - it probably won't be as embarrassing as you may think.
(2012-10-10 09:08 PM)TarahM Wrote: You are right but I can
t even get enough time to get to know them. I don
t feel comfortable starting a conversation telling people I might smell bad. I just want to get rid of the gas.
s totally understandable. It might not be as bad as you think, though, so long as you do it with confidence and then move on.

As Sandra mentioned, have you tried a food diary before? Or how about choosing a limited number of relatively
/bland foods for a week and see if your gas is just as bad. If it isn
t, then you can gradually grow the list. If it is, then switch to a different set or minimize the food choices even more. I don
t expect it to go away entirely, but if you can limit it, it would help.
I understand the desire to get rid of the gas. Have you been checked for any disorders that might cause your bowels to transport material too slowly? Have you been checked for malabsorption? Do you have constipation issues along with the gas?

Only my doctor has looked at me. He said I was probably lactose intolerant so I cut out most dairy, but the problem never went away. I never went back because I have been so busy with school and working in South America in my free semesters. I know I have to go to the doctor but everything I read says it takes a lot of tests to diagnose IBS. I am hoping to get some help sooner.

It can be difficult to find a solution for IBS and I understand your difficulty in letting people know. I would suggest you just ask people questions here and there and have really short passing conversations when you are around them. That way, you can always make an excuse to leave quickly. After you find out if the people are worth knowing and know a bit about them, then you can warn them before carrying on a conversation.

Without further information, one suggestion I have is to try some of the probiotics to see if altering the bacterial balance in your gut can cut down on the gas. The other is to try to keep a detailed journal to see if there are any foods that produce more or less gas. If you can try avoiding the trigger foods, it may be helpful. I would suggest looking up the FODMAP diet as a starting point.

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