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RE: Harder or softer orthotics for OA knee pain?
If you do not have arthritis in the feet, then the solid formed ones are probably better for holding the foot in position. My husband uses orthotics and the solid ones were best this way for him. Combining a hard orthotic with a shoe that has a soft sole will probably work best to give the best of both worlds. Of course, this is just my opinion from second hand experience. I encourage you get a few opinions before spending the money.

Thanks for providing your husband's experience. It is helpful. Did your husband use both soft and hard at different times? I think that is what you wrote but I want to confirm. I don't have OA in my feet yet so I could try the hard orthotics if they do work.

Thanks for giving us information from experience. Thankfully, I do not have OA in my feet, but you never know.
That is right. He tried both and came to the conclusion that the hard orthotic was best for him.

I complained to my doctor about just how much my knees are hurting when I walk. She suggested that I get some orthotics because my joints aren't aligned quite right. She believes that orthotics could correct my alignment problems and bring some relief. So I went to the orthotics shop and the fellow there checked out my walk to see what I needed. He believes that some rigid inserts will help me. I am worried that because they are so hard, that I will feel every step in my knees. I was using some super soft inserts for my sneakers before because of the pain.

Does it make sense that harder inserts will be better? I don't want to spend so much money on something I cannot use.

I am not qualified to answer this and just use running shoes myself but I do have a question. Did you ask him or your doctor why they had to be hard? I did not understand if you had asked.

Thank you for providing this information about orthotics. I have started to wonder if maybe I need a pair myself. Not that I have OA in my feet but in my left knee. I have found though that my left foot has started to bother me in certain spots. Maybe this has to do with the way I'm walking because of the condition my knee is in.
I did ask and he (the orthotics specialist) mentioned that most of my pain was not from shock but from the poor alignment of my walk. He said that a soft sole would not properly align my feet.

Thanks for clarifying. Anybody else used both and can recommend one over another?

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