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Anyone tried acupuncture for a migraine?
I saw my doctor this week, and told him I was just getting over a 3 day long migraine. I am still nursing my daughter, so taking potent medication isn't an option; I just suffered through it.

He strongly recommended that I find a respected acupuncturist and call him or her as soon as I felt the migraine coming on next time. He said that he thinks a competent practitioner can stop it in its tracks before it sends me to a dark room for the better part of 3 days.

I have been Googling it, and the results I am finding are very mixed. I would love to hear if anyone has any personal experience with acupuncture at all, but especially for a migraine.

I think it's worth a shot. Is it covered by your insurance?

If you can't take any medication and they're crippling, then what do you have to lose? I haven't personally done it, but I have heard good results from acupuncture in general.
Hello, I haven't heard of that. I only take RELPAX.
While I haven't yet tried acupuncture for migraines, my stepfather had always sworn by it, relieving everything from backaches to migraines. Hopefully this will help you, should you decide to try this. Good luck! :D
You have to remember that different people have different body chemistry which is why even with prescription medication some drugs work better for some people than others. My mother who is a doctor suffers from migraine and she did undergo accupuncture treatment. It worked for her but it took several session not just one. If you can invest the time to go through several sessions why not try it.
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