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Is an occasional soup-only diet safe with IBS?
The last 4 or 5 weeks have been particulary bad for IBS symptoms. I am so bloated and it is extremely painful. My best efforts to eat the safest foods haven't helped. I am not sure whether it is gas pain or constipation or both. I am doubled over several times a day with lower abdominal pain.

The appointment with my doctor is next week. While I wait I am thinking that eating nothing but soup would be helpful. Having mostly liquid with the nutrients from soup should be able to hold me I think but I don't want things worse so I would like your opinions.


Nope, that shouldn't make it worse. The exception is if you're choosing soups that contain trigger foods for you. Keep them basic, spiced very little, and maybe eat them with bread or crackers if your stomach isn't feeling so great at the time.
Are you planning on taking some laxatives at the same time to help move the stool that is there? Just adding liquids will make it harder for the stool to move because there will be nothing behind it. The stool may tend to sit in place and cause problems. Taking the osmotics or a stool softener like magnesium with lots of water with your current diet would be the easier approach in my opinion, because I think you are going to have more problems than it is worth.

If you think the stool is near the rectum, you could always go to a clinic and have them disimpact you for some relief.

The pain that you are suffering could be from the constipation or gas but it could also be from colon spasms. These can happen regardless of the quality of your stool. I would not personally recommend soup only diet without more information and your doctor's suggestion. The low residue or liquid diet as they call it is usually a treatment for diarrhea or to relieve a severely inflamed bowel. It actually causes more constipation, contrary to what you might think.

It depends on the soup. If you make your own vegetable soup, then you'll have all the nutrients and fibre you need to settle down your system. Remember to drink plenty of water as well - you don't want to become dehydrated. []This article[] has some good suggestions for soups suitable for IBS patients.
I am really thankful for the replies. I am glad I asked before trying because I couldn't handle worse constipation. I would go to a clinic but I can't tell what is causing the problems. I am so bloated it is hard to tell gas from constipation. I have been taking fiber supplements but they aren't working well so I am really uncomfortable. I am going to try adding magnesium because that should be gentle.

Remember to take a lot of water too to help the stools become softer. Magnesium, fiber and water work best together.

The last reader thinks the way I do. This is a complicated matter and a soup only diet isn't going to hurt at this point but you need to have a deeper plan of attack. Diet is everything but you need your doctor's help to determine what level of disease you are at. After a point certain things can do more damage than good but overall this is usually caused by very poor diet for many years. Our society trains us from a young age to crave the very crap that makes us sick. Good old basics like lots of water, fruits and veggies and cutting back on meat helps more than anything. If you have a gluten problem exploring that is well worth it. Nevertheless fiber is ultra important even if you take in the form of something like metamucil every day.

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