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How Come I Never Wake Up Feeling Refreshed?
Can somebody help me with this? I would like to know what could be wrong with me? I go to bed at 10:30 or 11:00 at night and I fall asleep immediately. When my alarm goes off in the morning after 8 or 9 hours, I still feel like I could sleep for hours. On the weekend I sometimes do sleep for another 2 or 3. Only then do I feel a little better. During the week I am so tired that my eyes will water all the way to work. I am yawning like crazy and I sometimes drift off when I have computer work or documentation work to do for too long.

Any ideas? Please

How long have you had this problem? Is it recent or something you have always had? Have you gone to a sleep clinic to get checked? It seems to me like you are not getting adequate REM sleep. REM sleep is the deepest sleep. If your sleep quality is poor, that would explain why you need so much to feel refreshed. Do you have any medical conditions that could be affecting the quality of your sleep?

Thanks for your help. I have had this problem for several years but it has gotten worse over time. I haven't been to a doctor in quite a while. I have been putting it off. I know I shouldn't but I did. The only thing I feel bad about is being so tired. Besides that I am good.

Have you tried changing your diet at all? It might be that your body is lacking in nutrition and is trying to compensate by getting more sleep. The sleep isn't actually helping you, though, or you might even be getting -too much- sleep, as crazy as that might sound. It can cause you to be even more exhausted.
Well, maybe it is time to go at least to the doctor again. One condition that comes to mind is sleep apnea and this can make you feel exhausted. If you have sleep apnea, you do want to get diagnosed because it causes other health problems besides the fatigue. You could also talk to the doctor about a sleep test to see if you are having problems getting REM sleep.

I find the exact same thing. It doesn't matter how much sleep I've had, waking up is always a challenge. I often have problems falling asleep though, but once I do I can sleep for 8 or 10 hours without issues.

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