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Difficulty passing soft stools
My bowels were always healthy all my life and I have had an iron stomach too. I can eat anything and I never have digestion problems or indigestion or gas. In the last couple years, I am having problems passing stools. I feel constipated because I have to push so hard to get them out. What I don't get is they are not real hard. The stool is soft like a normal stool I had my whole life. I will sometimes not be able to go for days and then I will pass a lot at once. Can someone explain this?

From what you said, I would suggest that you get tested for a pelvic floor disorder. It might not be constipation but rather that your muscles are not effectively moving the stool.

Thanks for the clue. I read about it and it could be the problem. Now I have to find out what can be done to treat it. Ah, aging...

There are pelvic floor exercises and stimulation therapies that are possible for some of these types problems. A therapist can teach you about it. It does not have to be a done deal! Good luck in getting more control.

Yep, it definitely sounds like there might be an issues with the muscles instead.

If that's not it, then is the beginning of those stools hard or abnormally large? It might be a blockage that prevents you from getting started and once you make it beyond that point, the rest comes out easily.

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