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Maybe I Just Need Less Sleep Than Other People?
I have had insomnia all my life and have tried so many ways to stay asleep. I go to sleep at 11 but I always wake at about 4 so I am getting 4 and half hours of sleep. I am usually tired in the day but when I took sleep medications, I just felt worse the next day. I was more tired during the day with some medications and felt jittery with others. I exercise more or less regularly but that made no change to my sleep.

After all the fighting, I think that I have come to the conclusion that my body is tuned differently. I operate with less sleep than most people. Does this make sense to anybody or am I fooling myself?

There are people who do operate on less sleep as others. I think that if you sleeping soundly from 11 until 4 that you could be one of those people. Do you have a nap during the day at all and have you tried not napping?

Thanks. Having someone else support the idea is positive for me. I do nap during the day for 20-30 minutes sometimes but it doesn't change my sleep. I go to bed at 11:00 and within 30 minutes I am asleep.

Off hand, it does seem as if you use less sleep. If you wanted to experiment on yourself, you could try setting your alarm for 3:30 and track how you feel during the day. If you feel significantly more fatigued, then it is likely your 5 hours of sleep is all you need.

I think I will pass on the experiments but thanks for the suggestion. I really would hate to make my situation worse by tampering with it.

That is fair. If you can live with the sleep you get, consider yourself fortunate that you have a few more hours each day that you can put to use.

In general, I would want to agree. Yes, some people simply need less sleep. It varies and changes throughout your life cycle, too.

But the fact that you said you feel tired during the day tells me that no, you don't need less sleep. In fact, you do need to get more sleep because you shouldn't be feeling that sleepy if your body were getting enough rest. You may be able to function, but your body isn't getting a sufficient amount for you to thrive on.
No expert on this... but yeah, maybe you're right. I've been there myself. However, let me give you one important tip. Check your overall health monthly. Only this way you can get the real answer on the side-effects of your lack of sleep.

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