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What Do You Think About the Hoarding TV Shows?
While I find it sad that we are entertained by watching someone's disorder, I am thankful these shows are out there to educate the public. I never thought about the psychological side before. I didn't understand how people let it get that way. Obviously I understand now and feel for anyone or their family members that are going through this.
I think ti's amazing to see just how many people suffer from this sort of disease. I thought it was more rare than it appears to be.

You're right about it being a good thing to educate the public, but I don't find any entertainment value in it at all. I think i t's horrifying. :(
I agree with you since does educate the public and raise some awareness. Furthermore, it can help people realize they are not alone in their struggle. But I agree with Jessi, I don't find entertainment value in it either. I have a hard time watching shows like intervention as well. Especially when the person is unable to overcome their issue. I just find it too disheartening.

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