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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for PTSD?
Have any of you tried using EFT to deal with some of your PTSD symptoms? I suffer from bad anxiety and PTSD from a number of different traumatic things I've been through, and it really does help. When I start to freak out badly I feel like I am suffocating and sometimes I need to throw up. I won't say EFT makes me feel normal again, but it does take the edge off.

EFT has also helped me make peace with having serious health problems that drastically effect my way of life, something I was angry about for many years. It has helped me let go of the anger and find acceptance.
Yes, I use EFT. I gave birth to a stillborn child, full term, in the front seat of my car (in the hospital parking lot) in August of 2010. That was extremely traumatic to me, and my doctor immediately prescribed me anti depressants and anti anxiety medication. I took them until I became pregnant with my daughter in December of 2010. I didn't feel comfortable taking anything while pregnant, so I weaned off the meds and my therapist introduced me to EFT.

I thought it sounded cheesy at first, and like it couldn't possible help, but I was surprised! I have been able to move forward a little, and I have started to work on forgiving myself for not being able to save my son.

It isn't a perfect solution, but neither are pills, or therapy. I think that anyone suffering from PTSD should give it a try with an open mind.
I think that it is amazing that it worked for both of you. I have never heard of it and definitely don't have any first hand experience with it. I think that anyone who is suffering from PTSD could benefit from trying a variety of treatments to finally find relief, though.

FunkySoul - You sound like an incredibly strong lady! I hope you continue to recover. x

My friend, who have talked about in other anxiety threads, has just been told by the doctor that he thinks EFT will help her. She has the severest anxiety (when she is bad) that I have ever seen - so I will let you know how she gets on.
Emotional Freedom Technique sounds like it may help my son-in-law who just served a year in Afghanistan. He has been dealing with his ptsd without meds so far, but the strain on my daughter and the rest of the family is noticable. I will tell them to ask their therapist about this treatment!

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