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How early an age can IBS strike?
I have no background about IBS. My son is 9 years old and is having lots of gas and constipation. I took him to the clinic first because I thought he had food poisoning. They said that it wasn't that. They didn't offer another suggestion. They said I should go to the doctor with him for a check out. Here the doctors are not taking patients right now so I am waiting. It is lasting 3 weeks. Could this be IBS in my boy?

Yes, it's quite possible it is IBS, but it could be lots of other things as well. If you can't get in to see a doctor, maybe you should go to the hospital with him. Gastric problems in a 9 year old - especially when they go on for three weeks - need to be investigated. In the mean time, keep him on a light, bland diet to cut down on the discomfort. The []BRAT diet[] is supposed to be good for digestive problems.

IBS is usually not a direct diagnosis and instead requires a number of tests before the GI identifies it as IBS. You will need several tests to find out if he had IBS. If his symptoms are continuing, I would suggest using an emergency room just to make certain it is not something more immediately dangerous. I know I would be very impatient in finding answers for my own children.

IBS can appear at any age but I would suggest ruling out anything more serious first. The worst thing would be to have something dangerous or something that becomes chronic because it is left untreated.

I was diagnosed with IBS when I was teenager so no this condition doesn't seem to care what age you are. Unfortunately, having your son have IBS would probably be the least of your worries. From personal family experience I can tell you that there are other conditions this could be that could be far worse, not to scare you just to lay it out on the line. I agree with the person who told you that maybe you should take your son to urgent care or an emergency room. Sometimes we are left with no choice but to take the form of action because no one else is listening to us, believe me I have been there where I was my mother's care attendant and I too had to take this route to help her.
There is no hospital here. The clinic in town does all the emergency treatment. It is the same doctors. We will have to find a doctor in Franklin but we are busy on the farm now. Best do it I guess.

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