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no sleep unless using ambien
the first time i ever had insomnia was 3 months ago. i have been unable to sleep right since. i moved into a new apartment and i don't know why but i can't sleep. i thought it was the noise but even with ear plugs and my eyes covered i can't sleep. nothing else is new in my life, nothing is horrible except that i can't sleep. my doctor put me on ambien after i told him i wasn't sleeping. it worked but now i wake up after 3 or 5 hours. if i could i would move but i have a lease and i have no idea why i can't sleep. not sure it is the apartment

the ambien was my only life saver and if it stops working i will be so screwed.

I did not read anything about you taking different medications. If Ambien stops working, you should be able to find something else to take. There are a lot of medications on the market so your doctor should be able to help you find something else.

Yep, you may just need to switch meds if you want to continue having a "life saver" while you try to figure it out. It's pretty normal for that stuff to stop working after long term use.
i know there are lots but i read they work the same with same stuff in them. do some work differently? that would be nifty

In addition to the pills, have you looked for other aspects of your new apartment that might be making sleep so difficult. Are their odors, vibrations or is the temperature too high? Is it too humid or too dry? Odors or humidity problems can make it difficult to sleep. Too much heat can also affect your sleep. These are just some ideas to consider to get to the root of the problem.

You might not have found the different types of medications that work differently but there are a few. If Ambien is failing, just let your doctor know and try to get on something else. As tinkerbelle said though, it is also a good idea to consider if your apartment setup might be part of the reason why you are having troubles with sleep.

thats cool about the sleep meds. i will go to the clinic when i get paid next time. thanks for the apartment ideas too. i never thought about humidity. the temp is good. i do get stuffed up all the time but i always had that and its not just in the unit. how do you check humidity. how do you change it if it is bad?

If you have an air conditioner in your unit, that dries the air. A dehumidifier can too but they are expensive and not unusually needed if you have A/C. Dry air can make you stuffed up, but it is moist air that makes you feel the most congested. If you want to check the humidity in the air, get a humidity sensor.

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