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Has anyone been involved in Clinical Trials for depression medications?
I just received an e-mail to take a survey for a clinical trial in my area on depression. I screened out, but it sounded like a great deal. Medications and $800 compensation. Has anyone done any of these medication trials? I'm not sure I would like the side effects, but it beats taking no medication for now.
I have never been approved and contacted for any, although I've signed up for them before. I think it's a great deal if you're aware of the possible side effects and don't have any other options for medication otherwise anyway. Might as well give it a shot, right?
The medication part is a little scary, as certain meds can actually worsen your symptoms and make you suicidal. I'm sure it is closely monitored, but there is always that risk. I've never done anything to that extent, but I earned $80 for filling out a journal and monitoring my anxiety when I had to give a short speech on camera.
Yes! If there is even a mention of increased suicide and/or suicidal thoughts, be incredibly careful. Even if you've never had any before or your life is fine, it can still effect you. Worst yet, if you've never dealt with them before, you may not even recognize what is happening or be able to deal with them very well.
I haven't been involved in any medical trial for depression medication. However, I think it's a good idea to participate and be one of the pioneer-users of new found medications. Aside from helping the medical profession in accomplishing the trial, you may also be entitled to cash payment or free medications when the medication is finally introduced to the public. I don't think there's something to be afraid of trying new medications as participants are put in close monitoring, supervision and guidance.

At present, I am not into any medication and I don't think I need it.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I didn't qualify for the trial, but I would have done it if I did. They were going to give me a free checkup and I would have had access to doctors. I don't have health insurance, so that was a big one for me.
No. But a doctor on CNN uses Omega-3 to treat his patients and they are doing well.
(2013-02-10 10:48 PM)artistry Wrote: No. But a doctor on CNN uses Omega-3 to treat his patients and they are doing well.
That is pretty interesting. I don
t take any medication anymore because I really didn
t find it helpful, but I do take an omega supplement. I feel just as good, if not better. Other factors obviously contribute, but I do see the validity.

No, I haven't myself but i know someone who has and didn't find it helpful at all. She now just gets regular therapy and takes plenty of health products.
there is absolutely no way I'd participate in a clinical trial for depression. I know that the medication I am on works well for me, and I am not down for anyone playing guinea pig with me while the depths of my mind could be permanently scarred. I feel like the risks are far too great. Clinical trials scare the crap out of me. If you didn't know, MKUltra was real (Google it if you don't know). Do you really want to sign over your mental wellness to be played with? If you're doing okay with your current situation, I wouldn't do it. The only way I could see someone doing this and it being possibly beneficial is if someone hadn't found a medication that helped them, and they were still seeking it out...still, though...still don't know if I'd suggest it :\ Not worth the money at all

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