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Has anyone used mindfullness training for insomnia?
In February, I started having problems falling asleep. I was having relationship and work issues at the same time. It was really trying. The thoughts in my head were keeping me uo much of the night. My doctor gave me sleeping pills but also referred me to a therapist because he thought I was depressed. He was right and I have been working with the therapist to get over the depression. I am slowly doing better but the insomnia is still a problem. I have been taking different pills to get the sleep.

Recently, the therapist said I should take mindfullness training to try to let go of the negative thoughts. Has anyone else taken this training? I find that the more I think about what is bothering me, the more it affects me so the training doesn't seem like a good idea. I would really appreciate your experiences!

I cannot speak about mindfullness therapy with respect to depression but for anxiety it has been helpful for me. I am not sure how familiar you are with the therapy but it involves learning to accept your negative feelings and then more importantly, to let them go. This can be very hard to do and can take quite a while but is something you have to do. If you do not let go of the feelings, these feelings are what keep your mind active when you would rather be falling asleep.

You do not necessarily need therapy to do this, you can even use books if that is more your style. I like the books because you can read them whenever you need to. The therapy is only available during the sessions. It is also possible to try the therapy and books at the same time if they use complimentary approaches.

In any event, it is important to treat the underlying cause of the insomnia. If something is making difficult to sleep, then that is where the effort must go. Anything else is really treating the symptom.

I understand that I have to let go of the negative feelings but I don't think I can do it if it involves thinking so much. When I do, I just want to cry. Is there something that can make this easier. I need to get past this and get along with my life.

I am not a psych person but my understanding is that thinking about traumatizing or upsetting thoughts over and over in a controlled way makes changes to how our brains see the thoughts. They start to become facts instead of emotional triggers and eventually we can just put them away. I do hope this is something you can put behind you!

Thank you both for the help. I told my therapist that I will be taking the therapy. I will ask him if the therapy has any good books that are related but I think the sessions are most important now so that I don't give up too early.

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